August 03, 2015
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We're moving!

Sandy Puc' Photography is excited to announce that we will be moving to a gorgeous new studio space. We are thrilled to share our new location with you.


New Address:

9337 Commerce Center Street C2,
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


This new studio space is a perfect fit for our wonderful clients. Please call the studio if you have any questions! (303)730-8638


July 30, 2015
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Throwback Thursday!


This week we are featuring the Holt family from 2005 and 2013. As you can see, this family has grown quite a bit! We have loved seeing this family grow as Miss E has been joined by each of her siblings and they have been a joy to work with. We look forward to documenting many years to come!



July 27, 2015
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Why wait for Jack Frost? Book a family portrait now while you are enjoying the summer break – everyone is home together and you have a glowing tan!
Sandy Puc’ is back from her 2015 educational speaking tour. Although she loves teaching abroad, her true passion is capturing the beauty of the families she serves. Sandy has opened only ONE SUMMER WEEKEND and a few evening appointments so that she can personally work with you!

Sessions will be photographed at a beautiful landscaped park that includes water features, tall grass, flowers and garden areas. See some samples here.


Call during the month of July to book your August session. There are 15 sessions available and only a very limited number with Sandy so book your appointment now! (303)730-8638


*Offer and discounts not valid with any other offer, certificate, or discount promotion (e.g.: BOGO certificates, Legacy, silent auction, etc.)

















Schedule your session today! (303)730-8638


July 25, 2015
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Family models needed!

Photographer Jordyn K. has been training under Sandy Puc' for 2 years and is ready to become a full Associate at Sandy Puc Photography. 
Jordyn has completed 20 of the sessions required and has 5 more to go to become a full time associate. 
If you are interested in helping Jordyn reach her goal AND getting a complimentary session with a $100 credit ( NO obligation )
Please contact 303-730-8638 for more details. 
These sessions will be a combo of studio and outdoors so you get the BEST we have to offer!

Note from Sandy: Thank you to all the beautiful families that have worked with Jordyn. We are thrilled with her progress and we can't wait to share a full gallery of her work when her training is complete. GO JORDYN!


July 23, 2015
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Throwback Thursday!

We were going through our archives and reminiscing about all the awesome families we have worked with over the years and decided to share the fun!

This week we are featuring the Kassal family from 2001 and 2014. We love this family and have really enjoyed working with them over the years and look forward to many more to come!  

August 26, 2014
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. . . and all the people cheered!


At the beginning of the month, Sandy traveled to Las Vegas for a very special event—her wedding.

She and her prince charming, Candelario Quiroz, met at the Little Chapel in Vegas on August 3rd, made forever promises, and started their happily ever after.

Sandy and Candelario were thrilled to share the happy moment with family and friends. For those who couldn’t travel to Vegas, the wedding was available as a live-stream event.


Her friend and colleague Jerry Ghionis was the wedding photographer. The wedding fun also included a photo shoot at the neon graveyard and zip lining on the strip.

This new chapter of Sandy’s life is filled with love, hope, and a joyous view of the future. As you might know, Sandy’s had some bitter with the sweet of life. As is her tendency, she reached out to friends and loved ones with a special message:


“I am grateful for the friendships I’ve enjoyed over the years—friends who have walked alongside me when days were bright as well as during difficult moments. Now that I’m embarking on a new beginning, the celebration is that much sweeter because of the love and support I’ve generously been shown. A heartfelt thank-you barely covers the depth of gratitude extended to those special folks. May you be abundantly blessed for the kindnesses you’ve shown and the encouragement you’ve shared.”

~ Sandy


We hope you join with her staff in wishing her all the best as she and Candelario start their lives together with a combined five children, one dog, and the chaos that big, happy families enjoy. 

June 24, 2014
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In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Ahh, June...

Who doesn’t have fond memories of the month of June? Everyone who has ever been a child recalls the feeling that settles in your heart when school’s dismissed, and the summer stretches out, seemingly endless and with possibilities galore.

I was raised in a small farming community in Utah, and summer was a glorious, magical time. In addition to the usual joys kids had in the summer, my childhood summers gave me opportunities to learn some entrepreneurial skills.

A favorite summer memory is of climbing trees at 5:00AM to pick cherries. I loved starting the day high up in the sky as the sun rose and birds greeted the day. As I worked away alongside my siblings and cousins, I tallied up the money I’d make. At 10 cents a pound, at the end of the day I’d have a few dollars. Some would go to pay admission to the public pool and enjoy an ice cream cone, and the rest I saved.

Financial freedom came early, and the lessons I learned have stayed with me. So, in addition to the fun of summer, I also learned to embrace the opportunities that summer offered.

These days, between moments of making memories with my four children, long June days give me the opportunity to join my clients outside to capture beautiful portraits of sun-kissed children and happy families. I’m blessed to love what I do and provide my clients with portraits they’ll cherish forever.

This June, step outside and enjoy the sweet days of summer. Roast some marshmallows, fly a kite, catch fireflies, and just enjoy time spent with loved ones. That’s what I’ll be doing.

June 13, 2014
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Vote for Sandy Puc Photography for the Denver A-List
Hi friends. Once again we're participating in the Denver A-List, a site that selects the best businesses in the metro area based on consumer votes.

Here's the link to our page.

We'd be honored if you signed in and voted for Sandy Puc' Photography. And we'd be delighted if you could share a kind word in the comment section.

Your support means so much, and we appreciate the kindness of your good recommendation.

Vote for Sandy Puc Photography for the Denver A-List

June 06, 2014
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Gotcha Day Revealed

I am excited to finally share the first of several short films that were produced following my trip to China.

I had the privilege of interviewing, filming, and watching CCAI adoptive parents meet their beautiful Chinese babies for the first time. There were so many emotions wrapped in the moment. We had been warned there would be lots of screaming and tears from the children, but that was expected because the kids had been well loved and didn’t want to leave their nannies. It was total chaos, but in the midst of it all, some of the most precious moments I witnessed on this trip occurred.

It was said that although this is the greatest day in the parents’ lives, it is the worst day in the children’s. They are leaving their home, their language, and faces they knew for a world yet to be revealed. For me, watching the commotion was very unnerving. Towards the end of the day I was exhausted from sharing the joy and sadness alike. I watched these families retire to their rooms early with sweat-drenched, swollen-eyed children, and I also longed for refreshing sleep to let the madness go.

By breakfast the next day, you would have thought their new parents raised these kids. They were smiling, waving, laughing, and holding on the their ba-bas and Mamas so tightly. In less than 14 hours a bond had been formed, and happiness abounded. I am not sure which day made me cry harder.

Each of these children has special needs—cleft pallets, heart conditions, missing limbs, or HIV. They were all welcomed into their new families as perfect additions.

A big thank you to all of the families that let me document their amazing journey. It was a life-changing experience for me.

View the images.